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A Dedication To Quality.

Having served the electronic, medical and aerospace industries in the past 30 years, we are totally committed to product excellence and manufacturing service. Our dedication to precision throughout all phases of production assures the customer the highest quality possible.

Miscellaneous Services

  • Carbide or tool steel replacement punches, die inserts and cavity bars

  • Tools, jigs and fixtures

  • Automatic trim / form feeders for pick and place systems

  • Precision Fiber-Optic & Microwave Components


Precision CNC Machining

  • Full service CNC machining and Assembly

  • Prototype production of machined parts of high precision

  • Fixture manufacturing to support the production line

  • High precision Surface and Form Grinding


Precision EDM machining

  • Production or short-run book molds

  • Modular mold chase assembly for Auto-mold

  • Plastic injection molds


Screw Machining

  • Custom design of split / down-set / cut-off dies

  • Automatic or manual lead straightening / respanking dies

  • Custom automatic or manual trim and form dies

  • Progressive stamping dies


Metal Stamping

  • Wire-EDM, Sinking-EDM

  • Versatility in producing a wide range of your precision components, even with complex angles and microfine tolerances.

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